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SMT Technology

Experience the power of our lightweight PNP machine, capable of effortlessly placing 2000 chips per hour! When paired with our dynamic dual reflow ovens, we become your ideal partner for prototype to production runs. Our versatile line can handle components as small as 0201 size, ensuring precision and efficiency every step of the way.


Wave Soldering

Discover the excellence of our modern and highly efficient soldering process. We're here to bring your PCB board dreams to life, even for the most densely populated thru-hole designs. Thanks to our cutting-edge Dual 12" waves, we're the perfect choice for both small and large production runs.


Hand Soldering

With our team's exceptional skills and dedication, we follow IPC soldering standards to perfection! When your project demands it, we proudly hand solder, ensuring top-notch quality every step of the way. Plus, we have a certified J-STD IPC Specialist on board to guarantee the best results.


Computer Design

Our Design team utilizes many design tools.  Please contact us to discuss design requirements for your project.


Electronic Assembly

Our team of talented individuals will ensure that your product is assembled to meet and exceed your requirements.


Volume / Prototype

We can handle your small to large production needs with our inhouse U.S. based assembly.  As little as 25 pcs can be ordered up to thousands of pieces.

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