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Two and a half decades ago, our journey began as a manufacturing enterprise driven by a steadfast commitment to deliver excellence. Over the years, we have garnered a reputation for crafting exceptional electrical products, earning accolades for our innovative designs. Our reach extends across the utilities, cable, building automation, and research sectors, where we not only provide award-winning electrical products but also offer a comprehensive array of related services. Central to our ethos is the unwavering mission to conceptualize and implement tailored solutions that precisely address our customers' mission-critical requirements. This enduring dedication underscores the breadth and depth of our product and service offerings.

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Electronic Assembly

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Over the span of these 25 years, we have continuously evolved to meet the ever-expanding demands of our customers. As the landscape of industries we serve has evolved, so have we, augmenting our capabilities and capacities. This evolution has been driven by our unwavering commitment to understanding and anticipating the changing needs of our clients. Our journey has seen us invest in cutting-edge technologies, foster a culture of innovation, and expand our expertise. From our humble origins as a manufacturing company, we have metamorphosed into a comprehensive solutions provider. This transformation has enabled us to not only keep pace with industry developments but also set new benchmarks. Today, our product and service offerings stand as a testament to our continuous pursuit of excellence and our dedication to catering to the ever-growing and evolving needs of our valued customers.


PE has always been there for us. Their customer service is next to none. Whenever we need to have something made or assembled, PE is our first choice.


Heather Hill

Since quality is so important, I had to be very selective with the partners that I choose to work with. PE has never let me down.


Mike Ray
Diversified Power Solutions