We're passionate about one thing... QUALITY

It is our policy to deliver defect free products on time meeting all applicable requirements. We continually improve to prevent defects, reduce costs, and increase value.

To provide this level of manufacturing quality, we employ a four-part strategy:

  1. A Quality-focused Culture. From our front-line associates to the management team, top-rate quality and customer satisfaction are critical parts of the culture at PE Manufacturing.
  2. A Stable and Experienced Workforce. Our workforce features very low turnover and we are proactive in ensuring this remains true. We support continuous education and make skills upgrading a critical job requirement for each of our people. Cross-training to meet the exciting variety of products that we work on also fosters a satisfied workforce with interesting work.
  3. A Focus on Measurement and Continuous Improvement. A comprehensive system for measuring our performance on manufacturing quality and proactively taking steps to drive continuous improvement rounds out our strategy for quality.

Certified IPC Specialists on Staff

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