Utility Grade Hardwire Surge Protection option. Available in both 1-Phase and 3-Phase configurations.

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PC642 Series

Zone/Loop/Data surge protection device is a two-pair (four wire) module implementing three-stage hybrid technology. PCB1B base is sold separately.

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UL listed as Type 1 SPD, the MiniMaxx® is the ideal solution to protect your residential HVAC systems.

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Single or three phase compact surge protection. Can be installed upstream or downstream of the service main disconnect. Includes intelligent indicators for each protection mode.

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Advanced 3-stage hybrid, solid state power line protector. Internal mount 120 VAC protection.

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PJ40 & PJ60

Our PJ60 is a perfect addition to your electronics. With built in surge protection it also boast a built in battery back up for your important electronics.

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DRS Series

DIN Rail mountable, single pair surge suppression module implementing three-stage hybrid technology.

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HP208Y Kit

The HP series is a modular branch panel protection system. Often sold with a remote monitor.

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